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Major earthquake hits Indonesia A 6.9-magnitude earthquake on Indonesia’s Lombok island left at least 131 people dead and nearly 1,500 seriously injured, with those numbers expected to rise. Officials said the Aug. 5 quake destroyed 80% of buildings
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Ethan Hawke
The Oscar-nominated actor on directing movies, the state of modern romance and why he won’t whine about getting older
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Britain Is Preparing For A ‘No Deal’ Brexit. What Does That Mean?
THE POSSIBILITY OF THE U.K.’S LEAVING THE E.U. without an explicit understanding of what comes next—a “no deal” Brexit—is beginning to look increasingly likely. On Aug. 3, Mark Carney, the governor of the Bank of England, called the level of risk “un
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Saudi Arabia Says It Wants To Modernize—but Brooks No Criticism
A DIPLOMATIC SPAT BETWEEN SAUDI Arabia and Canada escalated on Aug. 6, after the Canadian Foreign Minister called for the release of women’s-rights activists jailed in Saudi Arabia. In response, Saudi Arabia expelled Canada’s ambassador, paused all n
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Democracy’s Aging Problem
Images of suffering children have a unique power in politics. They forced the Trump Administration to end its policy of ripping migrant children from their parents at the southwest border. In 2015 a photo of a dead 3-year-old who drowned trying to re
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TIME with ... Stacey Cunningham
GROWING UP, STACEY CUNNINGHAM THOUGHT her father was a sock trader. He was in fact a stock trader and hung a LeRoy Neiman painting of the New York Stock Exchange floor in his den. Now Cunningham is president of the exchange—the first woman to run the
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Joël Robuchon
LIÈVRE À LA ROYALE—THAT’S THE DISH I REMEMBER FROM MY first time at Joël Robuchon’s Jamin. It was 1982, so the restaurant was still new. He had only the one Michelin star. By the time Robuchon died on Aug. 6 at age 73, he had won more than 30. In th
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Mitski Makes A Case For The Outsiders
MITSKI MIYAWAKI DIDN’T HAVE THE MONEY TO fly home for the holidays. It was late 2017, and the raw-edged indie rocker, who performs under her first name, was fresh off a two-year world tour that ended in Australia. Instead, she took herself to nearby
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Ahead Of The Storm
THE WEATHER OUTLOOK FOR THE LOW COUNTRY OF SOUTH CAROLINA LOOKED UNSETTLING. Alan Walters, charged with protecting more than 9,000 students as the executive director of safety for the Georgetown County school district there, pored over the forecasts.
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The Horror Of An Un-lost Love
ZOMBIES, AN ISLAND LOCALE AND AN elusive spouse—Laura van den Berg’s new novel The Third Hotel contains all of the ingredients for a classic work of horror. But van den Berg is up to so much more than that, so she has no trouble pointing a big neon s
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New Hope for Alzheimer’s
MARGARET DAFFODIL GRAHAM TRIES to live a healthy life, particularly since she has a health issue that requires constant attention. Like more than 100 million other Americans, the 74-year-old from Winston-Salem, N.C., has high blood pressure, and she
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Jason Statham Is The Perfect Bait In The Meg
THERE ARE TWO GREAT MUGS IN THE MEG, AND ONLY ONE of them belongs to Jason Statham. The Meg’s title character is a mammoth shark or, more specifically, a supposedly extinct megalodon, a sullen creature of the deep with tiny, disgruntled eyes and a fr
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Ordeal by Innocence
A monstrous mother is found dead, her head bashed in by a decorative decanter. Her equally unlikable son Jack goes to prison for the crime and is killed there. That would be that—except the BBC and Amazon’s Ordeal by Innocence is an Agatha Christie a
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Women Win Big, Again
THE NIGHT BEFORE HER PRIMARY ELECTION, HALEY Stevens rang the doorbell at a neat brick house in Canton, Mich. It was pouring rain, but the Democratic candidate in the state’s 11th Congressional District was still canvassing. The homeowner, Marybeth L
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Spike Lee Wants You To Wake Up
The director’s provocative new film BlacKkKlansman will change the way you think about racism
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A Transportive And Sweet Slice Of Potato Peel Pie
DON’T BE PUT OFF BY THE OVERZY adorable title: The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society, streaming on Netflix, offers the kind of cushiony stealth charm that’s easy to sink into. Lily James (most recently seen in Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again,
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WHAT YOU SAID ABOUT ... THE SOUTH ISSUE The Aug. 6/Aug. 13 special issue on the American South spoke to readers from the region and beyond. Bill Tuminello of Fort Collins, Colo., said his view of the South had been “guided by the stereotypes,” so he
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Trump Is Piling Sanctions On Iran. It’s A Tactic With Diminishing Returns
THERE’S NO MYSTERY as to why U.S. policy-makers and politicians use sanctions. Targeted intelligently and implemented effectively, they can compel other countries to do things they wouldn’t do without war. They can push governments of smaller countri
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Indra Nooyi’s retirement
IN 1996, INDRA NOOYI WAS all set to go run European operations for PepsiCo. Her house was rented, her kids were in school. But then CEO Roger Enrico forbade it. He had plenty of executives to manage profit and loss, he said. He needed her for somethi
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Insecure Nails Millennial Fatigue
NOT MUCH HAPPENS IN A SEASON OF Insecure, but that’s kind of the point. The HBO comedy follows creator and star Issa Rae’s less successful alter ego Issa Dee, her friends and the men in their lives as they stumble out of their 20s unfulfilled and emo
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The Real Fake News Crisis
Sitting in front of a computer not long ago, a tenured history professor faced a challenge that billions of us do every day: deciding whether to believe something on the Internet. On his screen was an article published by a group called the American
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Prairie Escape
Nearly every morning in Gainesville, Fla., I tie on my sneakers and go for a run through my quiet neighborhood to the Hawthorne bike trail, then into Paynes Prairie for a wake-up jolt of beauty. Early in the morning, the light catches the fog rising
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A Place for Us All
When I was growing up near Corbin, Ky., in the 1980s, the little town was still grappling with a shameful event that had happened decades earlier. In 1919, a mob of white men had driven nearly 200 black railroad workers out of town. The local paper v
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Baseball’s Long Game
Baseball is a booming business, one with record annual revenues of more than $10 billion—yes, billion. Still, it faces a big problem: baseball has the oldest fan base of any major sport, and there is a dissonance between the focus and attention it de
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IT HAS DEFIED A THOUSAND OBITUARIES, THE region that winds from Virginia to Texas, through the Blue Ridge Mountains and the Smokies to the Delta, past the world’s largest peach, the Astroturf grave of Hank Williams and the gates of Graceland. The “No
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Truth In The Post-truth Era
PEOPLE WHO READ A LOT, OR EVEN JUST A LITTLE, OFTEN HAVE internal memory banks full of potentially useful facts and quotes, ready to be resurrected brilliantly at a moment’s notice—yet still, in the clutch, most of us are like amnesiac squirrels in w
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Deer Season
In South Carolina, season opens the first week of October. A few diehards at camp come at the start and stay till the end, but most of us filter in and out whenever time allows. We drive down, go home, work jobs and sneak back on weekends. For three
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What Are The Real Costs Of The Endangered Species Act?
IN THE 45 YEARS SINCE PRESIDENT RICHARD Nixon signed the Endangered Species Act (ESA) into law, conservationists have used the landmark legislation to protect millions of acres of land and bring animals—including the grizzly bear and the American all
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Drawlin’ for Votes
THERE IS NO ACCENT QUITE LIKE THE SOUTHERN accent, and there is no Southern accent quite like the Southern politician’s. Spend any time in the South—especially in the rapidly growing suburban and exurban South—and you’ll hear the drawl. The men sound
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War Of Words
As America’s long-running regional contest with Iran heats up, Trump and Tehran are fueling the fire with rhetoric, money and guns
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