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Radio Imagination: Octavia E. Butler's Los Angeles

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Radio Imagination: Octavia E. Butler's Los Angeles

From ALOUD @ Los Angeles Public Library

Length: 86 mins


 With DJ Lynnée Denise Co-presented with Clockshop Ten years after the passing of Los Angeles’ own Octavia E. Butler–one of America’s best science fiction writers and one of the few African-American women in the field— ALOUD celebrates Butler’s legacy. Navigating the dystopic L.A. that Butler often described in her short stories and novels, this panel will explore connections between Butler’s peers and colleagues, and the generation of writers and scholars who follow, and how Butler’s futuristic work resonates today. Part of Radio Imagination, artists and writers in the archive of Octavia E. Butler, a year-long program produced by Clockshop. Click here for photos from the program.
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